Day 7 – #4HCWF – Our Last Full Day

Talking to a Holocaust Survivor

Talking to a Holocaust Survivor

On Friday of the 2015 CWF 4-H trip we experienced a lot of moving moments. To start off the day we went to the American History Museum at the Smithsonian. It was an amazing experience. We saw the original American flag that inspired our patriotic national anthem, a horse that was used by a general during the second world war, and tons of other historic artifacts with great meanings to us. Next we went to the top of the Washington Monument and overlooked the city we had been staying in for the last week. The view was much more different from there than it is upon the ground. After we finished at the Washington Monument we went to the Department of Agriculture and ate lunch in their cafeteria. Once we were done with lunch we went to the moving Holocaust Museum. We all spent at the least 30 minutes talking to holocaust survivors. Their stories really seemed to move and change us all as a whole. The museum itself touched us all in some way mentally. After we finished with the holocaust museum we went back to the National 4-H Center and had our last delegation huddle with Lynzee. Once that was wrapped up we went to the CWF talent show and the closing ceremony. It was hard saying goodbye to the friends we had just made. To finish off the 4-H CWF experience we ended in a bang with an awesome dance. Just from one day we learned so much and that precious memories will not be forgotten for the rest of our lives.

Kyleigh Leslie~ Lawrence

CWF Dance

Ready for the Dance

View from top of Washington Mounument

View from top of Washington Mounument


#4HCWF – Day 6

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Wreath Ceremony

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Wreath Ceremony

The first thing we did was meet with our color dot groups to discus our final bill. We also had to decide what we were gonna say during the congressional session. Then we all loaded buses and went to Arlington cemetery. Where we saw JFK, the eternal flame and the tomb of the unknown soldier. We watched the changing of the guards which was pretty cool. When we got back to the 4-H Center we had a congressional session where we debated the four bills we created over drones, water privatization, mandatory vaccines and police body cameras. Then we went to Toby’s movie theater to enjoyed a yummy dinner and the show 1776.

Lacey Vesecky ~ Baldwin City

CWF Day 6

Ready for 1776 the Musical

Protection Duty

Protection Duty?

#4HCWF – Day 5 – Capitol Hill Day Part 3

Twilight Tattoo

Enjoying the pageantry of Twilight Tattoo

After we met all of the elected officials and went to the Library of Congress, we went to the Twilight Tattoo show which was pretty interesting. It was recognizing all the different wars all the way back to the revolutionary war and up to Iraq. The part that was really Interesting was the army drill team that did some cool gun flips which were thrown with sharp bayonets nearly 2″ from their captains face. So there was a lot of trust and faith in the men to not him with the end of the gun. Then when that was over we went and talked to some of the people who are serving in our U.S military  and then we got to talk to the canon crew.

Austin Newell ~ Baldwin City

Fife and Bugle Core

Bugler of the Old Guard.

Honor Guard

Showing American Pride (soldier asked the boys for a picture with their sunglasses!)

Day 5 – Capitol Hill Day – Part 2

Supreme Court

Standing in front of the Supreme Court Building

Our day started out slightly rough. Between broken plates and broken freedom shades, as well as waking up early, many of us were done with the day before it had hardly started. Most of the day was filled with our amazing Capital tour, visiting with elected officials, and watching the Twilight Tattoos performance.
We ended the day by viewing three memorials. These memorials were the 9/11 memorial located at the Pentagon, the Air Force Memorial, and the Iwo Jima Memorial. Viewing the Iwo Jima and Air Force Memorials was fun, yet solemn in an odd sort of way. The hardest to spend time at was the 9/11 memorial. This was especially difficult because of how recent the attack was, and how realistic it seemed to be. Everybody that was there left in a saddened state. After viewing the memorials we headed back to the 4-H Center. Next on the agenda is to sleep.

Tucker Gabriel ~ Eudora

Pentagon Memorial
Reflecting at the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

Day 5 – Capitol Hill Day

CWF Day 4 - Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Tour with Joe Oaks (from Senator Moran’s office.)

After a little bit of a rough start,(Austin dropping his  plate at breakfast) the day got better. The first thing we did was we went to Senator Moran’s office, and met Joe, our awesome tour guide. After getting to see the Capitol, we briefly got to meet Senator Moran in the hallway. After that we got to walk up six flights of stairs to meet Representative Lynn Jenkins, she was very busy so we briefly talked. After the first two legislatures we had some of the best bacon burgers around at the Longworth Cafeteria. Then we got to meet Senator Roberts, he was very nice and very inviting. We had a very good talk about K-State and all the bills he is working on. After that we made the only short walk of the day to Representative Yoder’s office and we had an ice cream party (they were having an open house), the ice cream was delicous. We sadly did not get to meet Representative Yoder but we had a great conversation with his associates and interns. After that we loaded the bus and that concluded our Capitol Hill Day.

Kyle Norris ~ Baldwin City

Senator Robert's office

The whole group in Senator Robert’s office

Representative Jenkins

In front of Representative Jenkin’s office

Senator Moran

With Senator Moran outside his office.

Senator Roberts

With Senator Roberts in his office.

Representative Yoder's Office

Visiting Representative Yoder’s office.

Day 4 – #4HCWF

CWF Day 4 - Action Planning

Creating our action plan to clean-up parks.

MLK Monument

MLK Monument

MLK Quote

MLK Quote

After a breakfast in the cafeteria, the delegates first went to our workshops with our committees. Then we met with our delegation groups that we traveled to D.C. with. This is where we began our action plan to take home. Our group started talking about our idea to help clear up the parks and lakes in our area from pollution. After this we went to lunch. From there we hopped on the bus and headed off to the Cathedral. But first we stopped at the FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) and MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) memorial. It was blistering hot but that didn’t stop us from appreciating the quotes, and appreciating the legacy that those men left. These memorials were amazing and I think impacted all of us.

From there we hopped back on the bus and headed to the Cathedral. This was personally my favorite part of the trip so far. I thought the architecture alone was truly stunning.  I think we were all impacted by the extreme beauty of the building. We got to go down to the cryptic level of the building, where many benefactors had been buried. The artwork throughout the structure was reason enough to come.

After the Cathedral we headed back to the 4-H center and were a little bit late to the derby. The derby got moved inside sadly but it was fun nonetheless. We got to play all kinds of games and activities. This was a great chance to make new friends with the other delegates. Then we had dinner. After dinner we all went to the town hall meeting in the auditorium. From there, we were split up into many groups where we have discussions within this group. We were working on open-mindedness. In these groups we discussed difficult topics like the legalization of marijuana, gay marriage rights, abortion, and gun control laws. Finally after the meeting we went back to our delegation huddles and finished off our game plan to clean up Douglas County park. There are more details to come on that.

-Rowan Plinsky ~ Lawrence, KS

National Cathedral

National Cathedral

Day 3 – #4HCWF

cwf day 3 - mount vernon

Mount Vernon – Slave Memorial

CWF Day 3 - WWII

World War II Memorial

We started off the morning with traveling out to Mt Vernon. We got to see a lot of what it was like and we got to learn about George Washington’s past. My favorite part was the slave memorial. We then came back to the youth center and did a workshop on how to write a bill. Then we met with our committees.

After dinner we headed off on a night tour. We went around to five different memorials, the Lincoln, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Thomas Jefferson. I found it very interesting the different atmospheres for the different memorials. Today was a lot of fun and I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Aimee Neilsen ~Lawrence, KS

cwf - day 3 - Lincoln -Reflecting Pool

Lincoln Memorial overlooking the Reflecting Pool at Dusk

cwf - day 3- Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial with flowers left for Father’s Day (along with other mementoes.)